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Smart project and supply chain management

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Technical expertise and integrated project management

Automotive, IATF and VDA 6.3: Whether it is potential analysis, audits, FMEA or PPAP, we know what is important to you. We keep a close eye on technology and production trends.

We are your integrator. We coordinate and optimize technologies. And where possible, we standardize. We are familiar with the new challenges in power electronics for electromobility. Whether technical cleanliness, new technological or logistical requirements, or standards to be met in the areas of information security, sustainability, or quality. We have it all on our radar.

We have been active in the automotive industry and power electronics for more than 45 years. In e-mobility from the very beginning. We may not have seen it all, but we have seen a lot, and we know exactly what matters to you.

We have been very successful with our expertise for a long time. And we will continue to do so, not least because we have been involved in more than 50 e-mobility projects - because our customers trust us.

Fast response time and high proactivity

Thinking ahead is what we do: we consistently monitor opportunities and technology trends, inform you proactively and thus drive your projects forward for you. Right through to series production. We minimize reaction times and deliver fast results.

Technology, production and logistics: We identify and eliminate cost drivers and risks for you. Or even better: we avoid them right from the start.


Intelligent logistics concept & bundle profit through volume scale-up

Intelligent logistics & bundled profit through volume scale-up
Our intelligent ERP system ensures today that everything arrives at the right time. Not too late, not too early, and in the right condition.

100% traceability throughout the supply and production chain.

By scaling and bundling production or transportation volumes with our partners, you benefit from cost savings, increased efficiency and shorter lead times. We increase your competitive advantage.

VDA labels, MMOG/LE and EDI have long been standard for us.

Comprehensive support and outstanding flexibility for customer-specific requirements

We want you to have time to focus on your core technologies because you are a technology company. We take care of the rest. Together with you. For you and your customers.

Customization is our core business. Our projects are as unique as our customers. That's why we adapt seamlessly to your needs. You can count on it.


Strong Partnerships. Your Benefit.

Link between manufacturer and customer

Direct technical coordination with our manufacturers

No internal competition between manufacturers

Insider knowledge of component manufacturing and technology trends

Outstanding product quality

Certified Company

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