Why us

We are the ones who consistently
deliver competence


40+ years of expertise


Digitization of business processes


Smart projects and supply chain management


25+ completed projects


50+ active projects


500 000+ EV/HEV cars on the road

Our know-how. Your advantage.

Automotive, IATF and VDA 6.3: Whether potential analysis, audits, FMEA or PPAP, we know what is important to you. We keep a close eye on technology and production trends.

Technology, production and logistics: we identify and eliminate cost drivers and risks for you. Or even better: we avoid them right from the start.

We follow opportunities and technology trends consistently, inform you proactively and drive the process forward together with you. Up to series production.

We are your integrator. We coordinate technologies and optimize them. And we standardize wherever possible. We are very familiar with the new challenges for power electronics in electromobility. Whether technical cleanliness, new technological or logistical requirements or standards to be met. We have everything on the radar.

We have been active in the automotive industry and power electronics for more than 40 years. In e-mobility, right from the start. We have certainly not seen everything, but we have already seen a lot and therefore know very well what is important to you.

We have long been very successful with our know-how. And it will stay that way, also because we are allowed to participate in over 50 e-mobility projects - because our customers trust us.

It is very important to us that everyone involved pulls together across cultural and national borders. Our partners and customers are active on all continents. We know cultural differences very well, respect them and thus broaden our horizons. You and your customers also benefit from this.


from the A-sample phase to the series part


Artificial intelligence


Big Data Analyses

Digital project management

From the idea to the C-samples to the series. Everything always at hand. The top topics and your deadlines are always on the radar.

We actively shape your product development process. We are already using digital technologies to advance your project in real time.

But that's not enough for us. That is why we are working hard on expanding the digitization of project management in order to save you even more time and further increase transparency.

To do this, we will consistently use key technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G and big data analyses. Our data and the results derived from it will help us to ensure that everyone involved has more time for the core processes of the project.

It is very important to us that everyone involved pulls together across cultural and national borders. So that we arrive on time and safely.




VDA Labels



Smart Logistics

With our high-end ERP system, we make sure that everything arrives at the right time.

With our high-end ERP system, we make sure that everything arrives at you at the right time. Not too late, not too early and in the right condition, 100% traceable through the entire supply and production chain.

In addition, we are now actively investing IoT and Smart Logistics: the optimization of the supply chain with the help of AI and fully networked systems, redicing manual workload, in tha end reducing costs and avoiding errors.

We want you to have time to dig into your core technologies because you are a technology company. We'll take care of everything else. Together with you. Everything for you and your customers.

Our products

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SiC semiconductors
Thermal interface material
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